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Dog Horn Publishing

Here are three screenplays collected in print for the first time, each adapted from the novel of the same name.

Lemur - damnation and salvation in the food services industry. Vital Fluid - rival hypnotists stage a bizarre series of showdowns. Bomb Baby - a manhunt through Hiroshima's lightless crannies.

The script for Vital Fluid made the top fifteen percent in the Nicholls contest, administered by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

" . . . brilliant, evocative writing. Bizarre imagination set free. An enviable skill."
--Consuelo Roland, author of The Good Cemetery Guide

"Beyond the flawless surface of his stylistic facility, I am most impressed by Tom Bradley's ability to walk the edge of a tone that is simultaneously irreverent and profoundly serious. His work derives from the tradition of bawdy and absurdist black comedy of the late sixties, but is not an imitative slave to that tradition. It seems to me that Bradley has learned well from that generation of authors, but has mitigated their example with an even more traditional moral seriousness. It is a delight to be able to laugh aloud when one reads, and it is even more satisfying for a reader to feel confident that there is a significant point to the laughter."
--Gordon Weaver, author of The Way We Know in Dreams